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How to Count Cards in Blackjack?

With all the decks out there today, counting cards will never be as potentially profitable as it once was, however it is a method that can be used with some success as well as adding some fun to the Blackjack table. Even when I’m playing casually and just for fun, I find myself maintaining an account. Of course, counting cards […]

What is the History of Baccarat?

Baccarat, like many casino games, has a long history, and again, like many other casino games, it dates back to the 15th century in Europe. I’m sure you could infer that from the name, just like “Roulette”, the original name of Roulette. However, the origins in Europe are the subject of debate. Many people say that Baccarat originated in France, […]

Where Can I Play Online Baccarat Tournaments?

One of the great innovations in recent years when it comes to online casino games is the rise of casino tournaments. The premise in these tournaments is very simple: win the most money and win the tournament, as well as prize money for first place. In addition to traditional slots and blackjack tournaments, online casinos also offer baccarat tournaments to […]